Project 7000: January 23rd 2022

Shopping182,993kj (+38,566kj)
Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)10,000kj
Days elapsed (@7000kj)154,000kj (+28,000kj)
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 5 (📅 January 28th 2022) with 3993kj carry-over.

Photos and reflections after the fold.

Updated: I found I’d lost 180kj from my total in this update. Whoops.

38,566kj, mostly soup.

The supply chain shortages struck me hard this time out, and there were none of the dairy-free pre-made meals from Fitness Outcomes available. On the other hand, All-Bran was back in stock, so I have four cereals breakfasts available.

I was also delighted to see that a very tasty non-dairy ice-cream was in stock, so I’ll probably eat either that, or the ice cream I’ve been saving since 1st January this week, as I now have a whole day’s food of just ice-cream in stock. Being delighted by the ice-cream is also my excuse for forgetting to buy frozen vegetables again, because I completely lost focus on why I was in the freezer isle in the first place.

Looking at the photo, I realise now how much soup I bought, relative to non-soup things. I guess it’s going to be a mostly-soup week. Particularly if you count cereal and ice cream as forms of soup, and if you want to stretch, the pre-made salads are pretty soup-like. In fact, given the state of a raw egg, we’re really talking about a cooked and solidified soup there too.

I’ve never seen this movie, but it seems quite meme-able. I should watch it some day.

Anyway… to follow-up on last week, the dip-on-sushi-nori plan worked quite well once I got the hang of it. Very messy though, and this week the relevant dip was in the “quick sale” bucket, so I would have had to eat it today or tomorrow.

Since the next shop-day lands on a Friday, I might treat myself to a 5Mj meal at some point. Perhaps a second shot at the local ramen place, or the far-away ramen place.

4 thoughts on “Project 7000: January 23rd 2022

  1. Yes so glad you’re on to the sushi nori seaweed. Also recommend instant miso soup paste sachets, add hot water +/- frozen veges for filling low kj snack, (unless too much salt for you, not sure if you are tracking that)

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      1. hahaha what? Paul just get a freaking kettle! Miso soup and green tea awesomeness await! And also I remembered two other things – konjac noodles (in asian supermarket) = “slendier” spaghetti in western supermarket, can add them to your stir fry veges or soups to make it feel like more of a meal. & also sugar free zooper doopers are a thing for when the icecream runs out and and you have no kJ budget for more


      2. Oh, I forgot about the sugar-free Zooper Doopers. Definitely need to check for those.

        In theory I have a very nice tea-maker coming (indiegogo, so “someday”). I’m waiting for that to arrive for kettle-related things.


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