Project 7000: January 28th 2022

Shopping220,610kj (+37,617kj)
Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)10,000kj
Days elapsed (@7000kj)189,000kj (+35,000kj)
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 5 (📅 February 2nd 2022) with 6610kj carry-over.

Not much to see after the fold this week.

37,617kj. Remembered the frozen veggies this time, forgot the eggs.

I’ve not been sleeping well, and this shop was done in a rush as I had an afternoon of meetings to attend, and didn’t want to be empty-stomached.

Sadly, the Fitness Outcomes meals are still out-of-stock, and I didn’t have time to go through what was in-stock and work out what was dairy-free and protein-heavy, so it’s another half-week of soups.

Practically, I am within 10% of the food allowance for the 2nd of February as well, so I’ll be able to shop either that evening or the next day.

2 thoughts on “Project 7000: January 28th 2022

  1. Hey a month down already! It looks like you’ve stuck to your 7000 pretty well, is it getting routine at this point or are you finding it takes a lot of effort to keep to it?


    1. It’s been pretty easy, I’ve mostly had food left-over, so I’m running a deficit even from the 7Mj per day. I feel like it’s been harder recently, the night before my last shopping trip I was sorely tempted to eat the last of my food (tub of ice cream). I think the “high-protein” soups aren’t proving filling, sadly.


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