Lunar New Year Ass-update

One month into Project 7000, and I did a brief weigh-in. From 140kg, I’m now “Lo”. Brilliant, I’m done!

A battery change later, and I scored 133kg. A great result, but not a “celebrate with a whole pizza” result.

Photo comparison after the fold.

I think the photos look pretty different, but I’m not a great photographer, and there’s a lot of confounding factors here. Still, 7kg is 7kg. If I can keep this up, I’ll be under 60kg by the end of the year.

I probably should never “celebrate with a whole pizza”, on consideration. That’s how I got into this mess. Also, “commiserate with a whole pizza”, and “can’t be assed cooking, so ate a whole pizza” were contributing factors. And you can replace “pizza” with various other things…

extra fabulous #92 by zach m. stafford

3 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Ass-update

  1. Hahaha the comic – I hope you managed to find some way to celebrate though! Looks like it’s working well, seems like a reasonable change in weight over that time, not too severe, but yeah, can already see a difference! 🙂


    1. Since I’m getting a bit ahead on uneaten food (probably a whole day at this point), I was going to buy myself a 6000kj Plantitude cake (like I got myself for my birthday) to celebrate. Then I forgot about it when I went shopping tonight… Maybe next month, we’ll see if I’m still celebratorially shrinking.


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