Project 7000: February 2nd 2022

Shopping257,842kj (+37,232kj)
Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)10,000kj
Days elapsed (@7000kj)224,000kj (+35,000kj)
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 6 (📅 February 8th 2022) with 1842kj carry-over.

Reflections after the fold.

37,232kj. Some old standbys, some experiments.

The Fitness Outcomes are back in stock. Or at least, this flavour was. I bought almost all they had too. I feel slightly bad about this if anyone else had been hanging out to buy them, but it was a pretty late-in-the-day shopping trip, so they had their chance.

I was recently reminded about these konjac-based soups, which I’ve had previously, and had forgotten about on previous shopping trips. So I’m giving them a try in favour of the Strength Meals soups I’d been getting, since they’re about 50% of the kilojoules for the same weight.

Since Project 7000’s going so well, I also splurged on some canned fish (in water). I figure I can add them to the soups for some variety. Or maybe combine them with the dip, to make possibly the least-legal-but-still-legal sushi you can imagine.

If no one tells Japanese immigration about this, I may be able to report the outcome later.

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